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Bath robes, anyone? It's hot!

Until now, even though the rains are continuously pouring the weather is extremely annoying. What I mean is, it’s so hot even though it’s late at night. It’s been really hard to sleep. My parents keep complaining about it and I keep telling them to take a shower instead to cool off! Ha-ha. Exactly at that time, I was browsing the internet and I stumbled to a website full of fancy but great bath towels.

Since I mention to them about taking a bath because of the bad weather, being so hot and all – I thought, why not go get some new bath towels! Most of our stuffs were also dirty too because of the flood, so yeah we need towels and bath robes. Thank the internet because it’s where I found awesome terry bath robe and other towel wrap to try. I even found one called “waffle bath robe”! Reminds me of waffle, but it’s some good quality bath robe, soft and really nice to wear.

I hope the weather changes for good; Christmas is coming close after all, right? It shouldn’t be this hot, it’s not summer! But I don’t wish for the bad rain of course, just the cool air.