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They save lives

Like many teenagers, before I entered college I wanted to be a nurse as well. However, I chose a different course which I was more interested with. But I look up to professional nurses, and medical assistants for they are kind, gentle and they save lives.

Maybe they might not be as good as the doctors, but they play a big role in saving a patient’s life as well. They assist, they provide and they listen to their patients.

Not only nurses but also medical assistants do a pretty good job to keep patients safe. They help the doctors get information, and cure any disease.

Nurses & M.A.
Be it a nurse or a medical assistant, one good place I look up to is St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants. They give quality education; provide good information and help medical assistants-to-be to become the best they can be. And actually, if I had a chance I’d go study at St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants.

I may not be taking up this course right now, but if you are going to – I hope you hear my advice. I hope someday, you will be one of medical assistants, nurses and doctors who will save many lives, and endlessly serve your nation.