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Organic Dark Chocolate Gift Baskets

What do you do when you feel upset? Or when you feel someone? Me, I eat chocolates! Haha, and I don’t know why but somehow it makes me feel better. However, not all chocolates are great because some have too much sugar. But I found out about what chocolates are okay to indulge on.

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Most of you probably know, this type of chocolate I am talking about are dark chocolates! Every time my mom would buy me chocolates she keep saying I should buy that instead of the usual which has so much sugar and everything bad for the health if eaten too much.

As a result, I did some research and I stumbled to Intentional Organic Dark Chocolate . They're a shop with great dark chocolates, to be bought as gift baskets. They’re pure Hawaiian infused chocolates which are gluten free which will surely make anyone happy. The best part is they're organic, kosher, ethical, gluten free. You can see everything about them in the Intentional Chocolate Blog if you want to know more about Intentional Chocolate. A dark chocolate is better than the usual chocolate we see because they are safer to eat.

So, what chocolate is your favorite? One of these days, I might try out giving a gift basket of chocolate to my mom or dad. They love chocolates as well.