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Blogging vs Time

Once in a while, certain thoughts pop out our mind. And we tend to think of so many things, that for us to remember we jot them down. But now, the new trend replacing writing on notebooks and papers, which have become really popular just keeps getting better – blogging.

But it isn’t as easy to make your blogs famous in one, two, and three! In fact, it’s hard. Always is, even for experienced bloggers, or bloggers who’ve been blogging for a while now.

You see, it’d take a hundred visits to other blogs or websites just to get visits for our blogs too. Agree? Some even only comment when you comment on them. Thus, it is very tiring. And it is only good if you’re the type of person who has all the time in the world.

Unfortunately, students like me don’t have that time. Often, we tend to go on hiatus until we never come back or get lazy bones and be uninspired to blog. It is, for a fact that sometimes visitors are one reason why bloggers keep blogging. They’re like the sunshine putting a smile on a flower.

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Remember, there is always a way!