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I hope tomorrow will be different.

=,= I'ts official, this day is BAD and like yesterday and Monday was. I started my whole week BAD. But I'm hoping that tomorrow won't be, even if it's PE. GAHD. I hates PE! I HATES!!! SEE THE S? ITMEENSSSS MANYYYY HATESSSSS!!!

Plus today, my friend asked me to buy a domain name for her since I had a verified paypal but stupid me didn't check the domain name I bought because I mistyped it! So 4.70 was put to waste:(

In general, HOROSCOPES ARE LIES!!! It said I had so much money, but no I don't I'm actually short of money. I want to get rest maybe while I'm offline advertisers will come look for me. LMAO. I hate this. And Blogvertise, Blogtoprofit doesn't help! Blogvertise keeps rejecting some post that is decent anyway and Blogtoprofit is inaccessible, I have 3 waiting links to be approved :(

Plus there so many unpaid debts from people who haven't paid me =,=

I wanted to buy that package of hosting :|
And I wanted to buy an mp4 like Christian will :|

So unlucky today, dear God, I hope tomorrow will be better.
Byebye. Depressed =,=

This makes me not feel Christmas :(