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I failed to sleep again...

I couldn't sleep as I was thinking of so many things I wanted to do, websites, layouts, things..etc. So now I have no sleep. Instead I turned on lappy and did a research for PE and fixed my things. I also listed down every account transactions for my loading business, and there are so many unpaid people. Not my classmates, but people whom are the least you'd expect who wouldn't pay..

I WONDER WHEN THEY'LL PAY. One of my new year resolution's will be do not let people borrow money, people who don't pay on time you make yourself suffer.. T_T

So yeah I think that's that :D

May this day be a good day, I hate 7:30 AM classes. Oh joy for 12pm classes, but we don't have any of those anymore, I miss my 1st year college =,=

I also made a to-do list in the little cattleya notebook I bought last week, errr, two weeks. I always forget things >_< Christian ever reads this, baby I'm sorry I can't sleep :-S