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Halloween, is it really over?

Halloween is never over! Well, it is over but isn’t it fun wearing costumes? Awhile ago, I saw white apron Halloween costumes. It awed me and made me wish I was able to experience trick or treat, because I never have.

I’m amazed that trick or treat is also now being practiced in our country. Maybe even before, but I only haven’t heard much. I can’t help but smile seeing little kids carrying their little bags filled with candies. It reminds me of how simple life was as a kid – candies can already make your day!

On the other hand, while they are jumping merrily with their adventure, we grown-ups and teenagers are telling each others stories. This is another reason why Halloween is fun, it’s a seasons when you’ll hear most ghost stories. Here and there and everywhere! Not to mention the special sound effects story tellers add up, sometimes I freak out, sometimes I burst laughing because the stories end up funny! But honestly, I haven’t seen a ghost at all, all my life. Have you?

Some say ghosts are only the product of our minds. While others, believe in them and claim they’ve seen them. It’s really hard to tell! But for sure, ghosts make Halloween a blast because in belief, people make the awesome costumes you’ll see -may it be scary, or very funny.

So, how about you guys? How was your Halloween anyway? I didn’t spend much of my Halloween this year with my cousins, but I hope next year I will. And next year, I hope I can try out a costume and go for a trick or treat – just kidding! It sucks when you’re already too old for candies. Ha-ha. Belated Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you enjoyed yours. I just watched a scary movie with mom and dad.