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I have new goal.

For now, I will blog here. Because Loving Pink is not refurnished yet, and either is my newly bought domain TheFieryAngel.Com . It's just that I don't how to keep up with the time..

First and foremost, Imma blame my laziness. Add up the addiction to never ending Farmville Days. But tonight (to be more specific yesterday) I decided to only stay up online until 8 and sleep at 9, or maybe not go beyond 9:30 be it a school day or not. It will be better for me not to feel so drowsy during class. I can't think properly. Because to be honest, this is one major reason why my grades aren't good as much as they were during my first year days. During first semester that time, I LOVED PROGRAMMING. But now I don't. Haha. Silly me, IDK, maybe C# (our major right now) isn't just my cup of tea. I wanted to learn VB.Net but my classmates insisted VB 2008, with the C# lessons (I hated it. But then I have no choice) It will also be better to be able t o wake up early than to be a sleepy head. For an internet addict I am honestly one of, this is VERY, VERY HARD T_T

We also have Art and Appreciation class :) IDK if I will like it because I don't like my first day. We were late, but there were no attendance, but it's just that I felt a bit bad when they were teasing Christian to another girl. It made me think childishly, because this girl was good in programming =,=

But then it was over as soon as the class was done. I want this to be my favorite subject because I really love drawing and the likes. Coloring and stuff, although my love for that has faded because of my laptop. That's another reason why I want to get away from WWW world for a while. I want to go redo all my other loves before, drawing, playing the guitar, writing poems..etc etc. I lost all those when I got addicted to computer =,=

Timely, that I don't seem to have any review job offer lately. It's sad on my part I'm not earning money though, and that Loving Pink is slowly losing its rank (but its weird it got PR2 again and a higher Alexa Rank) - but what matters now is that I can do all that stuff. But not now, maybe in time.

And to finish this little silly blog post that is really senseless,
I'll be making a list of layouts to do that I just want to accomplish from time to time
I go online. And some posts..


DONE! (wasn't able to make check button. Haha. Do it Later. 11/13/09)

I probably end up always not being able to do this because my mind keeps saying theyre so many I end up a lazy bone =,= pft pft.

But I hope I can get offers soon, Idk if I can still renew my domains (@_@) I swear, I don't wanna buy any domain anymore!!!!!!!! (but that's a hard promise) Mwahaha. Ciao :)