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I miss the sunshine, but the moon welcomed me.

Everyday, I woke up seeing the sunshine
and my heart felt warm,
everyday I put up a wide smile,
everytime I see your charm...

But I didn't know it'd end like this,
I didn't know it'd hurt like hell,
I thought you loved me,
I thought you knew me well.

Because today you left me,
and me alone in tears.
I'll just probably get tired,
You'll see, I'll face my fears.

Someday, I'll be okay.
Someday I'll be alright, you'll see.
Someday I'll be on my way,
and I'll be the better person I can be.

Because there is no man
that will make his dearest suffer.
and they will never be
broken hearts unless true is your forever.


I'll never forget this day :)
I'll never forget how you turned me down and didn't care how I waited long for your message, for your sweet message I longed for. You say you know when I liked someone else, then if you do, do you know why I would?

Because you never take care of me.
I always sleep alone at night..
I get mad at you, but in the morning the moment you wake up I just say it's all okay.
Why can you not accept what are my wants, my needs and what are my dont's and not-needs.

You made no difference to the guy who broke my heart before..
Maybe, I shouldn't have fallen in love with you at all.

You made me hope so much, that I found my very prince :)
But in the end, you just made me realize that Fairytales are just for little kids..

And I'm not a kid, I am a lady to be taken care of - I am fragile, I am weak but someday, in time I will be strong enough so you need not need say anything..

You fail me, DEAR ANGEL, you fail me :)