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When Math problems are problems.

In majority, most students especially those in high school hates math, do you agree? Actually, when I was in elementary I didn’t like Math as much as I liked the subject English. But during those days, I never got flunk grades in Math but only once. Only once that I got a 75! Okay, I’ll admit this that I am really not good in Math. And the battle with Mathematical problems continued until college.

My parents, relatives and boyfriend tells the contrary though – I mean, they keep saying I’m not bad in Math, that it’s just that I lack interest. Which I came to understand when I got to college! And yes, it takes a lot of interest. I started to like Math especially Trigonometry, I tried my very best because I wanted to do better. I wasn’t the best in class but I could say I improved a lot ever since my almost failing grades in high school. I just get crazy when I see so many x and y in the paper. I think Algebra was what destroyed my liking to Math.

The good thing about being good in Math though, is that those who are good in this subject excel most in class because almost all subjects require Math – and actually, everything requires Math! Sometimes I’m even confused which of Math and English is the real Universal Language.

So anyway, for those who can’t stand Math anymore – don’t push yourself too hard! Or don’t hate it too much, you'll end up hating it more. Maybe you can go check out this website that can help you do your homework in Algebra, then maybe, with its help you’d understand your curriculum even more.

Do your best now!