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When you fall asleep..

I know it's not right,
to be mad or be sad.
But when you fall asleep,
I feel alone,
I get a wound so deep,
and I feel I'm on my own.

How can one minute
be the best,
and then seconds later
it'd be such a pest..

And when sometimes
I wish no heartache,
but nothing feels great.

Sometimes, I wish I'd be like you instead.
Sometimes I wish I'd never wake up.

Since you don't say goodnight...
Since you don't ask if I'm alright.

Sometimes had become most of the times.

Sometimes are making me cry tonight ..

I wish I had someone to hug me,
because I feel alone, and I know
no one at all. I wish someone would
be there for me all night and waste time
like he did before..

But maybe, yesterdays are only yesterdays.
Someday I will move on, someday, when I
learn I will not care if you sleep. Sleep if you want,
I won't tell, and never will you hear my heartbeat..
Never will you see a tear, it will all stop. Someday, you
will realize how it hurts. Because it hurts so much.
Choose a day, choose a time. Not when I'm longing
for your time...not this day.

and as I close my eyes, I hope it all stops
because my heart bleeds..