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What are your plans for Christmas?

Christmas is only a few days away from now. Isn’t that exciting?

A year ago, I was ecstatic very much for Christmas. It’s probably because Christmas is my favorite season out of all seasons. And it’s because I see shining decorations that really make me hype and extremely happy!

Not to mention the gifts – the cards, the letters and the simple text messages of greets from friends, old friends and long lost friends and even enemies!

So now, I have a wish for Christmas although I know it’d be impossible to fulfill – and that is, to travel to another country!

But I don’t know where I want to go to. Actually, last summer my parents planned I go to Thailand with them and have some fun but that was canceled due to dad’s problem at work. I didn’t really mind at that time because I didn’t like to go anywhere, but now when I think of it I feel that it could have been really exciting if only it wasn’t canceled!

That’s why, I’ve been checking out AirAsiaPlus. They’ve got great and cheap offers for those who want to travel Asia. Now ask me, why Asia? It’s simply because I want to travel Asian countries first before I go to Western countries.

But for now, all theses things are just dreams and wishes.
Maybe someday I’ll make them all come true!

What matters right now, this Christmas is that
I’ll be with my whole family. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!