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Frustrating File Management!

Arghhh! I can’t keep up with my files!!! That is why, now I am so confused which is which with all my files. Some have the same name and some folders are folders I don’t know of anymore. I want to delete some of them! – especially those that aren’t even important, and some are even empty but I don’t know what to delete because it worries me some folders here might actually have something inside and it’s only hidden files. Some viruses are just freaky (but I hope there’s no virus in my laptop right now, please!)

Well anyway, because of this I’ve been looking for a software that could help me manage and organize my tons of files that are hard to keep up with. But the problem is that every time I see one, it’s so expensive! This is why I looked for a free one instead, and that’s what led me to this file sync software. It’s 100% free and user friendly. Now, I won’t have any problem with my files anymore. Bye-bye time consuming arranging of disarranged files! Thankfully there are free softwares that are really handy for simple students like me; I can’t afford those expensive softwares out there.

If you have a problem like mine, for sure this is the solution for you!