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Football for P.E.!

Just last week, we were able to meet our professor for Physical Education. This semester, our P.E. is “Team Sports” meaning to say, games we will play will have to be a “team sport”. We had only two choices on what sport we would play and that was volleyball and basketball. I hate volleyball. So yeah, I didn’t pick that. I always get my wrist bruised as if it was put on some ketchup whenever I play that game, plus I don’t like getting hit by the ball. It hurts. In result, I chose basketball. I was surprised to find out it was not only me who didn’t want volleyball! Yup, most agreed to take up basketball rather than volleyball – and mostly girls chose it, now that’s different, huh?

But if only we had other choices, it’d be cooler. Our professor said football would’ve been great but our school lacks supplies to have that game for our subject. First and foremost, we don’t even have a field to play the game. Yet, if we had that – I’m sure volleyball and basketball would be “so yesterday”! But we didn’t so, let’s stick to basketball.

I wish I can tell about my professors the cheap supplies found online though – there a bunch actually. You can see portable football goals that are affordable. And there are also inflatable goals which we can use instead, if ever. But I guess football goals aren’t just the thing my school wants as of right now. But I wish someday, students in our school will be able to play football. If ever they are lucky– because only a few school play this game, mostly only the famous and international schools.

I wonder when I’ll be able to experience playing football.

How about you guys? Have you tried playing the game?