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I should follow?

Today Pisces your mind and thoughts are more on work than on love, and you are feeling rather accomplished with all that has gone on. Though it is always helpful to you to reflect on your goals and career accomplishments, remember that your work is not all that completes you in life. You know as they say with money, you can't take it with you, but the love you leave behind will last forever. Maybe it is time to stop focusing so much on your work, and focus more on that ever so willing participant that would add that extra spark in your life. All of your hard work is wonderful, and congratulations well deserved, but what good is it if you have nobody to share the fruits of your labors with?
And that was my horoscope for today. Last night, Christian got so mad again at me and he kept saying I don't have time for him because I'm always online. I don't know why though, because even if I am online we're still chatting via Uzzap while I'm my laptop. And when I turned my laptop off so we can sleep at the same time, he won't believe anymore I did it for him. Am I that bad that no one appreciates what I do? I'm only looking for ways to earn money to help you...and this horoscope says this:) I guess I am bad?