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So much for a peaceful rest day..

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I guess I posted this uuuber late. I wasn't in the mood earlier this day. You see, I woke up 1pm.
Hahaha. Yea, I really overslept big time, I wanted to get back all the sleep I already lost because of
staying up too late (like what i'm doing again). Then I was also busy doing house chores this afternoon and my assignment in EFFIN ENGLISH. If you're wondering why "EFFIN" has to be before english, well it's because right now I curse english.

I never ever wanted to hate english in the first place if it weren't for that unconsiderate, illogical, lame professor i have :))

Let me tell you my story, the first time I submitted my thesis statement, he said I had to be specific, rephrase. So there, it was okay since it was the first time. The next meeting I submitted my new TS and then the next meeting I found out that he lost the effin yellow paper. WTF. Okay, I'll consider it, I made another one which he rejected. And another one, and another one, and another one which he lost again. And this morning before Christian left to get a form for SPES I asked him to drop by. I made 20 thesis statements, and when I was able to receive text messages from him (I wasn't able to receive any in the morning, bummer) he said that our
proffesor just rejected ALL 20, and said the rephrase line again. DAMNIT! Why is he so evil? I don't care if he can talk slang, but why does he have to be such a jeeeeerk! First, he would looose our papers flying all the way to nowhere, then the endless rejection?!!!

Ugh! Which is why I am so upset. Upset as ever. Not to mention that since morning until 7 in the evening I didn't receive any of Christian's text, so he wasn't able to come over again our house.
And i'm still having receiving messages even now. Poor me. I wanna get rid of this day.

Downhearted, is what you may describe me as of this moment.
I've loved english for all my life, and just because of some useless professor, ugh!
He even said, the more late we have an accepted thesis statement, the more reduction of grades.
So, what does he want to say? That he's the king of the world to give us low grades and all??


And christian won't understand why the hell i'm so upset.
I wish he knew, but everytime i'm upset he won't take my side.
So sad. Haiist.