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"Nadine Camille" is my real name, I read that "Nadine" means hope and "Camille" means sacrifice (var. of Camilla). My name's meaning is kinda scary (LOL). I love my bestfriends Karen and Grace. I love my hubby Christian, and I love my parents most of all. I love the colors of the rainbow, because they seem appealing to my eyes. I love the stars because they're kawaii (cute).

Anyway, I've been using the computer for about 6 years I think, the internet madness that reigned in my brain started when entered high school. I was addicted to Bloodyroar at that time so I joined a forum. I talked to different people of different countries there, but eventually, the forum-addiction died. That's when I got addicted to chatting (YM) and Friendster which still so known by now. I don't multiply because I'm lazy with those kind of things now, although I have an account there - okay, maybe I do, one small bit multiply.

But mainly, friendster was my heroine at first, to the point that I had 12 accounts and all of them were full of friends. Eventually, I deleted those accounts maintaining one that had my "real friends". I got tired of the adding and blablabla everness. But i gained most friends at friendster, really. I also blogged before, during that time too, but years before, what I blogged were usually song lyrics pertaining to my emotions and thoughts. Currently, plurk is keeping me busy:)

I don't come from a rich family really, it's just that my dad recently got lucky to work to another country so we really had something to start with. My mom on the other hand works for a private company. (hell, why should I talk about this anyway?)

I am an untalkative person at class, the only one that makes me loud are my closest friends and my hubby. I love blogging but it hates me. LOL. I'm too lazy to do the bloghop thingies, although at certain days I eagerly blog hop. I also hate Filipino, I hate that we have to do a research and we are given a topic you can't find easily at all in its language. "Online Games". WTF and our sources had to be local and foreign, and one source from the internet only. SUCKy.

I used to love english too, but I hate our current seating arrangements. ARRgh. Lastly I'd love math, but it hates me too.

I love playing RPG games, specially those like Final Fantasy and Indefinite Undiscovery, I also loooooove playing Tekken and games of such.

I hate people who thinks what I blog about has no sense. I believe whatever written or posted has sense. I never say, it doesn't. Whomever is the one who said that in my latest posts, he's lucky I don't know who he is. Because if I did, I'd kick his face to the moon. For me, we blog because we want to post what we feel, what we think and what we want to say. And if you don't effin care to what I told, better just shut up. I don't care to your posts either, maybe that's why you didn't put your url because you're a scaredy cat. Like, don't you ever go to the mall?So you hate me going to the mall? Ask you mommy maybe he'd take you scumbag.

LOL. I'm kind of pretty harsh with words if I hate someone, aww gaawwd. You're making me become a war freak GTH! I write what I write . I blog what I want to, and appreciate those people who talks nicely to me, and if you don't you're in no way welcomed here. I don't care for you, get that? I DONT. The world wouldn't end if you won't read our posts. The world is not yours to control, this is my blog and forever I will only have the right what to post. Just butt out if you're not enjoying, I don't enjoy your presence either.~

Hmm. That's all.

I'm glad to have my bestfriend back. GRACE.
LOL. and glad for today's a special day,
our 26th monthsary -Christian+Nadine :))