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Edsa Revolution Cram :))

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Weee, new layout (Still not done, obviously). Inspired by the song from CHOBITS, Let me be with you, and the anime itself. My whole Sunday was wasted spent making this layout. I made it from scratch, no basecodes, some javascript from Ate Deanne who just got back from Pangasinan.. Hmmm welcome back sis:)

Today is a holiday because it's the day when People Power 1 happened, it was one of the best events that ever happened in the Philippines; Next to that, the 2nd one, kicking out Erap as the
president (I was in 4th grade at that time, I think). Anyways, Imma be busy with school stuffs since I used my two days doing nothing about it even if i said i'd be busy with them (you know how much lazyness attacks). Saturday, I went with Mom&Dad; She had a checkup because her vertigo is attacking often now. Then we went to the mall. Toooday Yesterday, not much, just layout editing time :3

I wonder where do I start with my projects&research? I doubt if my groupmates in those projects would reply when I text them, ugh. Hopefully, tomorrow Christian will come over to help or not :| && I'm sooo excited for Wednesdayyy - we'll be going to Clark, Pampanga for our CS Tour!!YEEa!