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Title-less *I'm blank* x|

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*Huff*. I just had my midnight "MEAL" because I wasn't able to eat earlier, i was hungry-not hungry a while a go which was strange. Anyways, right now, I am trying my very best to find a way for dad to have free internet browsing through his phone, SGH-E250. But it's so freaking hard because I don't know how to put applications in it! Ugh. I just feel bad if I can't find anything to do something about it because I don't want to bring dad down. Specially because, today, i spent my whole night at my uncle's; I wasn't able to eat dinner with dad & mom and I feel bad. I hunged out with Christian & my uncle after I was done with my laundry - it's kinda making me have this big conscience of not hanging out with my parents instead because I'm always with them 3:

Anyways, I am so happy I finally reached Nirvana at plurk!! I thought I wouldn't. Tsktsk. If you don't know what plurk is, it's a social network where you get to talk with others and it's also like having a micro blog! Mine's at the right side, if you're someone who's into talktalktalk online, why not consider joining?(CLICK!)

Then again, my old usb flash disk got broken. It has sooo many files in it so I'm so sad:(
It;s only 512Mb, but I value it because it was the first usb flash disk we had way back when I was in 2nd year HS. I use it rather that my 8gig usb flash disk because I don't want to get viruses from our ever virus-rich computer labs at school. And viruses don't get to it quickly, sadly, it won't be recognized by my laptop anymore when Christian returned it to me, he used it to print his brother's customer's assignment *he's making it a business - making assignments for other people*.. but it's me who's doing it, bummer eh? Haha, I get half of the money:)

I wish I can buy a 1gig flash disk cuz I don't want to use my other one for it contains programs that're almost 6gig in all. :|

I wish I can fix my old one instead, I like using it. Anyways, my navigation links are still broken, hahaha. I'm too lazy to edit this now, I haven't even blog hopped! Just a bit, and I haven't dropped on ECs for many days now. What's an EC? ENTRECARD, it's some kind of widget where you're supposed to drop some "EC" and when you have 1000 or more ECs you can sell it to get money (They just sell it to get money too, or its used to advertise on other blogs).
Mine is at 507 ECs. Waaay to go. Hahaha :)

-I'd like to thank Rose for the link exchange approval:D
-My Christian because he's so loving.
-My loyal commentors as always.
-MOM&DAD most of all cuz they're here with me ALWAYS (AGAin)
-God. For giving me strength, always.

...tomorrow Later, it's another school day.
Ugh, another Pangetpatan day.
Wish me luck guys:)
Hmmm. Take Care.