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It's Friday the 13th, and Valentines day - some combination huh?:)

Hmm, they say today is Friday the 13th, although i feel i experienced some bad luck,
(very little) my day wasn't that much unfortunate. I believe that it really is always up to us how we make our day :)

Anyways, I won't make this post long because i really can't think of anything to talk about, i mean, the valentine thingy is overused for it i
s valentines season.Hm, oh what the heck let's just talk about it. Haha.

VALENTINES, it's the season of hearts. Be it your loving "one" or your friends, even foe and your family. It's the day of love, so spread some love!

..I bet girls are so dreamy right now. Like, I wonder what my hubby will give me? I wonder where we'll go? But I myself told Christian to don't bother giving a gift because it'd be better if he didn't spend money, i'd rather if he gives me a letter or something. It's just that i'm not into gifts anymore because I don't like expensive things that much. How about y0ou? But it's indeed a girl's dream to be surprised by her lover. Ayie! Actually, when I was in high school, never was there a valentines day i didn't have something to take home - oh wait, since elementary, there'd always be a flower or stuff toy. And it really made m
e sooo happy. LOL. Who wouldn't. And all of them came from the people i used to love, and forever will love. CHRISTIAN. You're my greatest treasure :)
BTW, mom must've been sooo tired yesterday and i was too sensitive. They won the 1st prize in their cooking contest, using the recipe I shared her when I had my Cooking lessons. She gave me a cute bear-bank as a valentines gift. I hope i can save money with this! The whole week I spent my money. And my savings were used too because toot. -secret- (no, i didn't buy a vday gift! haha) Tomorrow me and my family will be up early to get our new tv from Las Pinas. Hmm. Hope tomorrow Christian and I will be able to play XBOX at home, dad promised he'd let us once we get our humongous tv. We don't even know how to put it inside our house, and where, Haha. Hmm. Also, I'm sooo having fun browsing the web through my cellphone for free now- hope it'll be endless. Harharhar. My post really is not much. I'll make up later. TSKTSK. I hope you guys will have a heartful valentines:)) LOVE LIFE. BE INLOVE. WOOOT. th. mmm. bye.