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Heey everyone! How was your valentines daay? I know you know how my story went last Feb. 14. Anyways, I wasn't able to post last night because my eyes were already dropping after i blog hopped on my blog friends' and some blogs..

Again, belated happy valentines!
Yesterday, it came to me that in a month, I'll be seventeen.
Demmit! Hahaha. I don't want to get old, but you know what,
want to be 18! LOL. It's just that, I want to have my OWN bank account, OWN paypal account. My mom refuses to sign up for one for me. So I thought, I'd wait for my turn to be eighteen to be legitimate to do stuff like that. And besides, I'm still building up my little blog here. Gaining blog friends, and site hits and still studying coding and stuff. Yet, I don't want to get old. LMAO.
I remember when I turned 13, my first "teen" age, that I thought to myself,
that until 16 will be my the real "teen" years. Hahah, I'd consider myself old
after that. Tsktsk, many of my friends and old classmates will probably be
18 now. Jeez, we're really getting old people!

Hmm, so what else do i want to say? These following days, I might be out of sight?
(But maybe not) Hahaha. Because we're currently having thesis, surveys and school stuff.
But I'm glad school will be over by the second week of March
(Cool. My b-day's on that week!) Hmm, but I feel so nervous because to tell honestly,
I've been a bit off with the studying, I feel lazy lazy lazy unlike the first semester.
I just dislike all the subject, and when
I say all, I SAY ALL. Tsk, if it won't be boring, some would be so over reacting,
some would be very tiring to the mind. I miss programming, I miss the challenge
Our major subjects as of this semester, are Graphics Design, Troubleshooting and Ethics.
One of our projects btw is to make a tarpoline thingy about our school, I wonder how
much that would cost us?

Anyways, I plan to study coding templates as soon as i can using
the Classic version of blogger, I feel it's more easier to get around with that.
And I hope I can put up my new layout soon,
because I don't want to be out of date.

I can't wait for vacation!

Hmmm, and blame Christian because he eats up all my time. Tsktsk, just kidding hunn.
Aww. Hahaha. You see, I go home at 6, do house chores for an hour or more and
uh, text, text, chat, chat with no other than him. Oh well, haha.

BTW, my mom told me I was a bad gf because I wasn't
able to give my baby a gift this v-day, hahaha how's that!
I wish I could but I didn't have money that day. tsktsk.

So uhm, apologies for my very awkward post,
i'll make it up to you next time. Take care.

Don't worry, I'll still be blog hopping as always and always,
and update this as much as I can - i'm just not
really good with multitasking. hahaha. Love you all, especially YANSKII.

Thanks so much for all my beloved visitors,
friends, blog friends and loyal commentors, and commentors, alright, let's make it short,
YOU ALL. Hahaha.

*Notice the Quail egg smileys? I made them as an experiment.
Hehehhe. You can get them HERE if you want, for use anywhere,
just don't forget to link back of something, it'll be part of my
downloads sections in the distant (hope not) future.
They're best seen in white,
because I didnt notice some mistakes
with some erasing i did, hahah, oh well,

it's a practice. Practice Practice Practice!

I wish blogging was easy as our effin thesis, my prof
keeps rejecting our statements!!GRRR.