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Beating up a huge monster :)

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I have been missing in action for 2 days because I was too downhearted to post anything. I finally got my thesis approved by the way. I'm not happy with it still though, because I hate Mr. Pangetpatan still. Tsktsk (changed his name). He even chose Christian one of the leaders to check the whole drafting part for the thesis, and it's so annoying, he hasn't even approved his thesis statement! And i hate why he had to choose the lamest leaders. Grrr. Maybe it's because I too hated not to be chosen. LOL. I just can't believe what a looser our prof is, he doesn't even know who's good in english and who's not. Oh well. The whole day I was still bummed off cuz of that and how I was too problematic too, of thinking what i can do because everything seems to have fallen at the same time - i mean, my bad grades, pangetpatan, a number of thesis and project - ALL IN TWO WEEKS. Not to mention we have to make a tarpaulin for graphics about the History of ComSoc in our school. Hmmm. What do I do first?

So i was quiet for sometime, at the same time in bad mood. Then Christian suddenly got mad because I was too quiet, and I too got mad of him because he won't even wait for me to talk. He argued with me when I was in class which made me more upset. Grrr. Good thing that was the last subject! Good grief, I was in tears already, good thing too, that our prof didn't discuss anything and lastly but greatly good thing we made up before going home. He was kinda annoyed and laughing of how i reacted when he shouted at me to talk ... "Magsalita ka naman kasi" (Why don't you talk?!!!) he said angrily then I just said "SALITA" (TALK) repeatedly, "DI NAMAN KASI AKO NAGBIBIRO EH" he said again "di naman kasi ako nagbibiro eh" I was saying everything he was saying while laughing little by little until later I found my arms tangled in his, and I was sorry and I wanted to hug him. I then told him for us to spend some time at church like we used to in high school. You see, unlike me Christian doesn't believe much in God because he feels he isn't real in way, cuz he never got what he wanted or any miracle as he says .. but he really used to be God loving though, like his mom. SOOO I was teasing him until we got home because I suddenly thought about tomorrow that we won't be together, not to forget Monday. HOLIDAY. WOOT. I too want to have a revolution, revolution against PANGETPATAN. Ugh! Hahaha.

OOOkay, so we won't home happily. My grandma even asked help from Christian because some kid stole Papa's hat when she went to the junk shop to sell recycled goods. When I got home, mom was already home and dad was playing Devil may Cry 4 (xbox 360), and it was the final part. Yess, the big boss, but he was annoyed because he couldn't understand the walkthrough he was reading! So, just for fun, I asked if I could try.."Daddy, pasubok nga mamatay jan. Hahaha"
I only played the game in my pc and for a couple of times, and after that not anymore because I uninstalled it due to the memory it took from my laptop. Hmmm so I tried it with the Xbox, and got around with the keys after a few seconds, and then boooooom! with two hits, the big big guy (literally big)

I am just so I finally done something that could cheer up. LOL beat up some big monster. hehe too bad he's not pangetpatan. Anyways, 3 no-school days means lots of free time and loads of school work. AJA! let's doooo it! :))

Take care everyone!