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Rare good hearts.

This morning, I woke up really late as usual. I didn't even bother to organize my school things last night because I was too lazy. So, like what i always do, bath, eat, brush, and get dressed for school - that is until i noticed something was missing.

It was my routine that I bring an envelope full of xerox lectures and many more school paper stuff. But it came to me that I forgot my envelope at the tricycle I rode last night. I couldn't recall it at first so I had to spend so much time looking for it endlessly. But I didn't want to be late for school so I said to myself I'd look for it later. I told Christian about it and so he agreed I did forgot it, I was so disappointed of myself because in that envelope, was my library card. Without that library card I will have a hard time when i enroll for my 2nd year in college and i won't get a clearance easily either.

All day, I was thinking of how I can do something about it. A friend of mine lost hers too last year, she already paid the school library staff to get one but that was last November and she still doesn't have it. I was downhearted, but I kept in mind that maybe it won't be hard to get a new library card if I ask for one, and if I keep checking when I'd get it. It's not that I'd die without it, because I barely go to our library, but also because our research papers are due by the end of month, so i'd probably need to go there, but at that moment how?

Christian kept cheering me up so I've forgotten all about it as we were about to go home. Yet, when we were to ride a tricycle, I remembered it again. I wish I could ask the tricycle drivers but I was to effin shy, and there's too many of them to ask, how'd they know? i didn't even remember the face of Mr. Tricycle driver of the one we rode last night - it was dark.

Off we walked to get home then my grandmother called me loudly,"Nadine, yung envelope mo ba nawawala? Binalik nung mama na tricycle driver. Buti may address na nakalagay." (Nadine, did you loose your envelope? A tricycle driver brought it here. Good thing they saw your address.)

Music to my ears, it was indeed my envelope, with my library card. *PHEEEEW!* What a relief. Plus, it's the library card that made it possible to have itself back to me. Thank God to whomever was that Mr. Tricycle driver. I was wishing awhile ago that whomever the tricycle driver of the tricycle i left it at would just check and see my library card to give it back to me- luckily, my wishful thinking was answered!

The situations like mine are really lucky, if a bad guy had my stuff, i bet he'd just throw it away. And in some cases, if it was a bag or a wallet containing personal things and expensive things including money - they'd rather not bring it back. I was amazed of the kindness Mr. Tricycle. I wish everyone would be honest and considerate as him; I wish everybody won't be overtaken by greed.

It reminded me of my topic for my research in english102. I chose blogging as my topic and its advantages. Included there was "blogging as a tool for social awareness". A blog-friend of mine suggested it long time ago. I wonder what's happening to our government all the time and why they don't get tired of corruption issues all day, all month, all year. I've been a news watcher lately and I endlessly see, that even if America does get back its business spirit to cease the crisis we are all going through - Philippines will always have a corrupt government.

Oh well, but let's still hope that maybe, just maybe something good just might happen for a change.