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Let's do things little by little.

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Last Sunday, me and my whole family (mum&dad of course) went to Glorietta to have a mass in their pretty church. Have you been there? It's sooo nice, the environment is so peaceful; You really will feel like you want to pray solemnly in such places. Anyway, it was the first time that we were with Dad after he got home from Thailand.

Now, speaking of churches, when was the last time you went to church? Me, I've to admit it was my recent stop at the church because after dad left for Thailand last Christmas we barely had time for it.

In that mass we attended, the priest tackled about setting aside problems. He preached that it is understandable that we all have problems in our daily lives, but time to time, we must learn to relax. He said, that if we focus on our problems, it won't go away but instead it'd become heavier. And I agree to that. In short, time to time, we must lighten up a bit because thinking too much can cause a lot of stress, grumpy-ness, and burden.

And on that free time you have, why not talk to God? Not, just by praying but going to the church. People keep believing that GOD IS EVERYWHERE, yes, it's true, but the thing is, when we're at the church, don't we feel Him much more? Don't we feel closer? Let's open up our hearts to God when we can, what do you know, maybe God can help you lessen those disturbing thoughts :)

Funny, you know, when I'm upset, I head to church and cry. At those moments, I always think of sad things such as like, that I don't deserve any of God's blessings because I feel people don't deserve what I'm giving them or how I'm treating them..and now, everytime I go to church I cry. Even without thinking of those. My mom said maybe because I'm a bad girl, LOL. Haha. Maybe. But the last time we went to church, I cried because I was touched by how dad came to be after he came back from Thailand. My dad wasn't like this you see, he hated long hours of mass and never did he have the communion. I was the only one who didn't take it last time we were there, and how, he know all the songs that we're being sang *FYI he's a choir member in their household of CFC (Couples for Christ) which is another unbelievable thing to me.

God is so magical.

Actually, I'm not in my fullest spirit at present. I was upset because my OM MOD *Opera Mini Modded browser suddenly wouldn't work. It's a browser for cellphones that makes it possible to browse the world wide web FOR FREE; I was lucky to experience that LAST MONDAY and SUNDAY. Unfortunately, something went wrong with my GPRS settings. I tried looking for other OMs/Browsers but the trick won't work for me anymore:(

I was able to make Yanyan's Cp work with it this morning (2/10/09) but on the downside,
mine stopped working. *sigh*

Oh well, life goes on, I only use it for PLURK anyways. There's phplurk as my substitute.

Tomorrow (or should I say now? *timecheck/ 12:19AM), i have no classes. YIPEEE.
But i'm sure i'll wake up laaate, hope not. I want to do many things..

*refurnish this blog (edit&add stuff)

*new banner (because i have a new url)
-it so happens I signed up a redirection url to make my looong url shorter.
But the address is still up:) [NEW URL:]
it's up to you if you'll change my link if you have it already.

*add more blog friends, tonight (2/10/09) I gained 10 new blog friends. YAY.
thanks to them :)

.. if you want to xlinks with me just leave a comment or something.

*and house chores.

*...Not to forget the school stuff(s)

Got a working OM MOD :)
Yaaay. but i duunno where my Fil Workbook is. :shrugs::
So, that's pretty much what I'd like to say:D