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Glorietta part two?

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I have to sleep. Tomorrow, we'll be having ouuur practical test in ChaCha T_T. We barely practiced. GAAAAAWD. Anyways, I had so much fun at Glorietta again - Shopping Part Two. And this time Christian was with us, I was sooo happy. My favorite part was going to the Japanese Shop there, very much like Daiso @ St. Francis. There, I bought a mini-electric fan.
(shown at the side). I also bought a cute bolpen filled with different colors and mom also bought a sewing kit thingy. And then, my most favorite when we were at Clipper:)) It's where I bought so much, because I was sooo attracted buying cute things. There were so many cute things^^ SOO MUCH.

I dunno why, but I just love colorful and cute things.

I bought there 6 pins, 1 cellphone accesory, and 4 cute bolpens (too bad they had ink blue). And then we went to grocery at SM and finally went home. I'd like to tell everything but it's just that I hafta sleep cuz my class starting this Monday, starts at 7:30 Am. I'm still not done with my blog layout :( I don't even have a banner yet. I want to make it verrry special. Sadly, because of my lazyness of doing stuff with my blog, my blog rankings are flunking -_-

I do hope I get time, maybe when we're done with our ChaCha practical test, because it's bugging my mind. LOL. Plus I barely go home early. I'm sooo excited to see my dad! Yay! He was also going to buy Ps2. I wanna play FFX or Kingdom of Hearts :))

I hope I get back my blog stats, (the good ones?). I've been too busy doing things to get my page indexed by google and other search engines, and joining advertisement programs/affiliates that could help me earn through this - that I forgot that, the main thing that keeps a blog stand out, is when there's traffic exchange.

Okaaay. That's all for now. Catch youu laaater everyone:D
Stay happy and keep smiling!