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Valentines, anyone?

Right now, everybody's talking about this ever so called "Valentines", here and there. What's up with it anyway? Haha. As for me, I feel everyday is both Valentines day and Christmas day.

They say during this season, love is in the air. But i find it funny because isn't love always in the air at all? Like, when your mom and dad wishes you goodluck for your exams, and when you annoy your boyfriend he doesn't give a piece of damn no matter what you do.

Makes me remember of today, before our Troubleshooting class, my boyfriend and I had an arguement because of my sensitivity. So I kept quiet for a whole hour wishing he'd come to me and be sweet to me so I'd lighten up a bit. But he didn't, he even left me alone. I was sooo pissed off that I cried bit by bit, secretly. It made me want to go home. It made me think of sad things like I usually do. At these kind of moments, I scribble and draw kid stuff. I drew myself a masterpiece i called "Once upon a fairytale before".. LOL. Then my boyfriend was pissed off of me too cuz I wouldn't talk what am I pouting about. Well normally I really wouldn't talk when I'm upset. I don't really get why he never understands the way I am. It pushed me to my limit, I walked out of the room. "I'm going home." - was the last thing I said to him. But he kept following me. He said he'd take me home, I didn't want him too so I made an excuse. I remembered that my classmate borrowed my cellphone so I said, "Go get my cellphone from Shelvert.", I said angrily. He didn't want to at first until finally he went back to our classroom for my cellphone. As he went back there, I hurriedly made my way downstairs to my way out of the school. I walked as fast as I could, that I even tripped a couple at times. But I didn't let my embarassment stop me. Run. Until I got to the gate and to my surprise.

"What took you so long, I've been here awhile ago!" He shouted with a smile.
I hit him hard and told him how much I hate him doing that, and I couldn't control my laugh.
It was a feeling of annoyance and joy at the same time. I cried, and then he stopped me and apologized. We walked a bit more away from the gate and he suggested we go home. It was raining hard, and so he told me for us to stop for a while and talk instead. We talked, argued and talk. I even made a dramatic moment and told him that maybe we'd be breaking up anytime now, he agreed. He said I should learn to avoid my hot head because my new boyfriend wouldn't be as patient as he was. He said he didn't have all the riches in the world to take care of me, he said he couldn't afford any gifts or even to treat me at a local fast food or so. I shouted at him madly and said I didn't care about that. I never cared. All I wanted was to take care of me. "Then that's why I'm breaking up with you, I'm just hurting you". Tears fell down my face as I uttered, "You don't care if we break up?"...

"I do, how can I not. It's just that, I can't show you how much I love you."
I talked to him again because my point was, he was always talking, as a way of an apology
instead of doing anything at all. "Then tell me, how do I make you feel better?"

In my sarcastic way of talking I told him "Get hit by a car!"
"I can't, are you sure?"

I silently sighed, "Then you don't love me."
He insisted to change my mind but instead I walked away,
then he said. "Alright, wait here and you'll see!"

He walked away as it rained more hard, and I kept waiting.
I thought he was joking though, but I ended up looking for him
and saw him on his way back to where I was.

"The vehicles kept avoiding me, I promise, just wait"
He was trying to go back to the high way but I pulled him
and told him to stop it because I was just joking, and I was
already smiling to death for him to stop.

On our way back, I hugged him and whispered to him how much I love him.

LOVE, I find it at irony because no matter how much you hate how that 'someone' is to you, you can't take forgetting him a minute, a second.

Even with your mom and dad, you can hate them, but they always find ways to lighten any piece of hurt you feel.

and lastly friends, people you can pout to over things you can't tell to you mommy, daddy and boyfriend. but as of now I don't have that kind of friend. All of them already went on with their lives, as for me, Christian stayed my boyfriend, and so, even if i don't want to tell him something I ended up telling him anyway LOL.

Love is so wonderful
in so many ways.
Happy Valentines:)