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Grace tagged me and now I have to continue this, but honestly, i don't really know who to pass it to because most of my blog friends hardly go online

(i better go find more blog friends who are active!!)

So here's the catch, we are supposed to repost this with our own answers. Much like a countdown, and 9 stuff are supposed to be true and 1 is supposed to be a made-up stuff
~about your self.

Let's start!

10. I look like a 2nd year high school student. (LOL, I have poor height)

9. I love green.

8. I want to learn how to play DOtA and Counterstrike

7. I hate cockroaches (they are gross T_T )

6. I'm into RPG games, Online games and Arcade Games.

5. I hang out with guys than with girls.

4. I'd love to be a hacker one day (hehehe)

3. I love things for free, I'd do anything for free things!!!


1. I love MATH xD

I'm tagging Dianne, YANSKII and Misaku.

Just for the fun :))

BTW, i'm hunting more blog friends. ayee^^
Check YANSKII's blog. he's been going anti PLP. XD