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I can't be happy at all can I?

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I won't be saying LOL like I usually did. I won't be happy. I will be sad. Because at this moment is another of my darkest hours. Just minutes ago, I had a friend-fight. Lousy me cuz I'm poor with telling what I hate and just deleting her. You see, I am childish. You see I don't talk. So fine if she thinks I'm plastic. But this is the way I am. I wanted to tell it but I was afraid to.

On the other hand, my much awaited laptop, that I just got last Christmas was broken. Mom got its LCD broken. I've no hopes it would be fixed for as right now, I know my mom
and dad have other priorities, things to pay for. I don't want to butt in. But I couldn't help but cry because while she was using it I was thinking of my friend-fight I wanted to fix as
soon as possible. Because of stuuupid me. And then finally she shouted to my dad

"Tart teka yung LCD!" -pertaning to my laptop's LCD.

It was broken. That instant. Tears fell on my face. I wanted to be mad at my mom. But I know I can't. I wanted to call christian but I dont have load. I wish I can just evaporate.

You see, I've always wanted that laptop, I've always did. I had it then boom!

And just awhile ago, I was getting tired of my mom sharing dad her angst for my in-laws who always make them compete at each other's accomplishment.

I just then thought that all elders must be like that. Most are. compete. Compete. who get's the honor role. who gets the title of the best whatever "put title here".

It makes me think of my flunk grades again.

I wish I could just be beside him, he can make things okay.
OR HIM. I can't help but cry at the moment...

I'll pray that tomorrow will be a nice day. Things will be okay :)


I should be not blogging for awhile. I'm eff depressed.
And tonight I won't be able to sleep. Poor Me.In distress.
NO one to run to. Alright, i'll talk to God.