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Thinking Of: Midterms Exam Results ?
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Oh great, at currently, this entry is being typed on a notepad.
It's because some stupid envious kid threw rocks at our roof that he hit
our internet antenna, so there no internet at home right now :(

Good thing i was able to work on my new blog layout. So, out of
my boredom i created two animated gifs. One for my blog and the other
is for later purposes. It was so kawaii, i'm getting a hang of this
"cloud" drawing. Haha. I'll be adding up a tutorial section,
i don't know when since our internet connection is yet to be fixed.
I do hope it gets fixed this Saturday, but probably it'll fixed later
than that, i know how Smart Bro tech is slow, if Globe is slooow, how
much more with Smart. The same with their customer services, but smart
is worse. Yea, whatever. BTW, i'm using a smart sim card now, i'm not
liking it either, but maybe i'll get used to it since originally, i'm
a smart user.

I'll be phplurking at plurk to tell you everything up with me while
i'm offline cuz i'll probably be offline a week or so. I'll try to
go online and go to internet cafes whenever i can (probably will.)
I'll be creating more animated gifs while offline just so i can kill
boredom and still be using my laptop :)

I'll be praying for the soul of whomever messed up our internet
connection, because i know, what goes around comes around -right?
whatever that saying is.

It's just sad that the moment i finally got the hang of blogging
is when i'm interrupted. Just like when i open up Mozilla at home,
"Connection Interrupted" LOL. Hahaha. Sadness. Oh well, life goes on.
It doesn't mean it's the end of the world.

So later then, internet friends, and internet life. I hope this
won't take long. *cross fingers* Pray for me.

But i'm glad, that my "major" worries are over, well, except for
my midterm grades. hha. i honestly didn't do well cuz i didn't like
my professors. they're so not enjoying. errrnessss.

Til later :]

That, i thought, was the story. it turns out, that smart had problems, i dunno what was it.
Oh well, glad it's fixed. I'm also having a hard time with my new smart sim card, but i wouldn't want to stick with globe either, it's the effin signal. I wonder why I'm having a low signal, it used to be okay (fyi, i used to be a smart user). I guess there's nowhere to stick to. haha. Okay,
now I'm dreaming of building up my own network, to bring down smart and globe. effin them. haha LOL.

Looky here ^^
This is Mr. Cloud, I made him yesterday.