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There it goes..

I'm supposed to be starting on workin on our case study in Computer Ethics right now, but I wanted to blog days ago. But i was just to occupied of too many things. Like said, yesss, the busy madness have started, there, the computer online-ing lazyness has occured.

Today I didn't attend most classes because I was wearing my NSTP uniform. Gaaawwd. I didn't
know you couldn't wear them. I agree with my boyfriend when he said, what's the point of buying these t-shirts if they don't let us wear 'em??? Grrr.

So we just headed to the library to finish an assignment in Fil. (which we didn't attend either)
After lunch we went out to buy a scientific calculator. Cuz my calculator lacked a function which
i needed. Plus so I can let my yanskii borrow my other one cuz he doesn't have one. we also bought a cute coloring spongebob book for deanne. it was sooo cute and was full of cool stickers.
I wish i bought it for myself! ahaha. oh well, i wasn't able to buy her a christmas gift so i thought of buying her a coloring book, then pooof!

when we went home we drew a spongebob with photoshop cs4, yanyan and i. so much fun. i've been teaching him how to use photoshop, plus we've been both studying jasc animation pro thingy i installed cuz my imageready wasn't installed yet.

yesterday on the other hand, we had so much food. my mom brought home so many goodies from the hotel where their meeting was held. Gaaaawdness, it so much i could barely breathe and take note, i didn't eat rice! it was on my to do things either to eat at night, but i couldn't just let those yummies go to waste!

So, my internet life has gone low low low, i'll get it back anyway.

For now, i think that's it.
See ya guys^^