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Thinking Of: Computer Ethics examss.

At this moment, I should be getting some sleep. I haven't even reviewed for our exams tomorrow. LOL. Yes, our midterm isn't over yet, the last exam's tomorrow. I plan to wake up early so i can scan my notes a bit. I was going to go online earlier but the Internet wasn't working when I turned on our PC so I just scanned our PC for viruses instead, and slept on the couch until mom came to wake me up. She brought home KFC goodies. *YUMYUM*

I want it to be Saturday already. This Saturday, we'll be going to SM/ST.FRANCIS to get my laptop's LCD fixed. Mom planned to buy a flat screen and buy another laptop for me but things just quite went out of our hands - You see, dad has to go home from work. Thing is, he had to quit because he was chosen to quit work :(

Since my dad was new there, he was the one who was selected by their boss to give up his work. It was sad. I was sad, but not because of the good things I won't get but because I feel as if dad's hurt because he thinks he's a failure to us. I shouldn't be announcing this much because we really have relatives who are social climbers. They only remember you when you have $$$$$$$$$. When they find out you're jobless they ignore you. In about a week, Dad will be home. It isn't that bad because we want to be with him so much.

It was funny of me last night because I was planning how to get lots and lots of money so I can help my parents. So I came up with an idea. Since my allowance for a day is a hundred and twenty bucks, I plan to save up to a thousand bucks a month, a year, that would leave me with about 9000-15000php -depending on how much I save a month. I do wish I'd be successful with that plan? It's kind of hard to save when you don't want to be hungry (LOL)

PLAN B, would be getting high grades and applying to a scholarship, since now, I can apply to any scholarship. My problem is that, my grades aren't as good as it was last sem(-_-)

PLAN C, money online? But I'm having a hard time getting website hits and applying to money-businesses-online, because I don't have a Paypal account yet
(dunno when I'll have it). Plus I don't have much visitors. Yet my hopes are high with ever great EntreCard which seems fun, it's just that I lack time to browse other blogs and such.
I was really sad for a while, but I still know, that life will go the brighter side if we think positive.

Tomorrow, we'll have our long assignment thingy in Math, and then more boring Troubleshooting
(I hate because of the many boastful classmates) and ethics exam.

I love the ethics part when we're having our debates :)

I was almost laaate this morning for our practical but good thing our teacher was really lazy. Haha imagine, he was late for 30 minutes. I was able to do my practical test without a sweat because i was lucky to receive the easiest one, changing colors and blablabla.

I used my kittens picture and put on her contact lens colored green LOL it was amazing.
Now I know how to put contact lens without even buying one. Photoshop is so wonderful.
I'll post it some other time.

Speaking of my kitten, do pray for her because she won't eat for days
because I fed her effin Funky junkfood =(

Ciao. Comments are loved <3>

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