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Flunks :(

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Ayt, I have flunk tests. Grrr. I missed 2 points to pass. So as of now, i'm uuber sad :(
But I wish to make up for it this FINALS. My last absent will be my last absent. I was sad most
because of math. only 2 points! -and because my boyfriend got the highest, I feel humiliated.

But he kept telling it will be okay so I got over the thought of sadness :)

So, I decided that, I will give more time for my studies. Like now, I'll be sleeping early to get early for school. I'll work on my assignments earlier.

I was uuber happy yesterday too because my mom finally agreed to sign up for a paypal account.
She was also telling me to get into a business online but as of now, I have no idea of what to do as
my business online. Probably layouts, but I feel, like many people already provide that. I need
something I can surely do, because me myself, I admit I'm still a novice.

I want to learn php(^^,) SO EXCITING. Also, yesterday, I finally bought new shoes. 3 shoes
that was worth 3 hundred bucks each. I was overwhelmed of the joy of shopping yesterday cuz I rarely buy anything at all. I have a problem with shoes, you see I've already had 10 shoes for a whole school year (LOL). I have monster feet. Hahaha. It's because I always walk going to school and there's always flood in our house. So annoying. I love Glorietta. There were so many cute things that was affordable.

I'm just a bit sad that even if my blog suddenly burst hits, it suddenly went down too. Oh well,
i'll get back those ranks! Hahaha.

And today, even if I was downhearted because of my ever flunking tests, (2 tests). I gained back my happyness. I had so much fun in our P.E. because it's the first time that Christian and I are partners for a P.E. dance. I've always dreamt of that.. It was really comfortable to dance ChaCha, just as it was tiring! I must've lost lots of fats there! Hahaha.

Tomorrow is still a question mark but I hope it'll be okay. For you, me and everyone else.