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Play time's overr.

Bloggy, play time's finally over. Tomorrow I will be working with my school work. There are loads of it actually, but I was uuuber lazy to do them. I wanted to enjoy my vacation, especially because dad came home too. Speaking of dad, we brought him to the airport minutes ago. It was a teary moment but the security guard was so nice that he allowed us to enter the airport which lighten up my teary eyes a bit. We also ate at Koppi Rotti. It was my first time to eat there, and I was stuffed because the Rotti was sooo big! I miss dad already. Hmm. I hope he gets to Thailand safely.

Hmm, and I hope that tomorrow will be a great day for everyone. I probably won't post as frequently cuz school will be starting but I promise to stay in contact. Just email me if you need something. I miss dad. Already. LOL. Take care everyone, goodluck always. God bless you all.