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Cellphone Issues?

Lately, (or should I say, NOW), i've been feeling like I want to throw my cellphone already.
I know, it's childish. It's just that, all the networks are getting on my nerves. I used globe, and it won't register
me to their services in time, I used Smart, then I have a bad signal, probably the same wit Sun.
Plus, I've made the worst decision of changing my housing cuz the housing change plan did no good at all.
I just got my phone looking so bad, I should've sticked to my original housing, and the keys
were all working there; With the one I bought each pieces fell like crazy
But then again, if I'd throw my cellphone, it's like throwing my parents
hardwork and effort doing their everything for me. Of course I don't want to throw it, it's just my way
of saying how i'm hating things riiight now. And I know, that if I throw my phone, I'm wasting money
While other people are dying because of hunger, and that they can't eat because they don't
have money. My phone is not bad at all, in fact, I am so happy
because with it, I was able to store more than 300 songs, more than 150 games.

It's just that, I feel like I'm loosing the "loving my cellphone so much" spirit.
Probably because of my disappointments too. I keep saying I won't expect from my boyfriend,
but in the end i'm still wish he'd do things for me the way I wanted.
It's not that I don't like the way he does things for me, but because he was better before.

He used to text me ALL THE TIME. He rarely fell asleep during the times
we were texting, unlike now that i always have to beg for him not to sleep on me while
we're texting because it's kind of annoying.
All those "he used to-s" was when he was courting me, and some time around when we were still months.
It makes me feel that guys really are just mushy-mushy and everything
when they're courting you. But when they know they can make excuses, that's the time
things will eventually change.

I just miss the attention. But there's no way I can bring it back.
I know, how much headaches he is having right now because of his dad.
And i know how much he is insufficient financially that I even had to let
him borrow money for his tuition. O_o I haven't got my money back either.
Haay, I wonder life is being unfair sometimes.
I know, understand, understand, understand (endlessly.)

So oh well, I wish I can just get over the expecting thing.

Just had to spill the thoughts out..