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Have You Seen The Stars? :)

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Listening to: Just like a star
Thinking Of: Stars, Christian :)
Eating/Drinking: NOthing. hungry :[

I just love it when the stars are like this,
Have you seen the stars this way?

It made me think, it made me wonder, how
would it be if stars could talk. I wonder what
they'd tell. The stars they see many events
at nights. Maybe, if they could talk, one would
share a love story beneath the moonlight,
a sad break up on the other hand in the nile,

and what else, other stories of life.

If stars live a hundreds of years, they must
be full of emotions because they see all
kinds and sets of stories.

I wonder if that is "lucky" or not.
For the sad moments they see,
and for the happy moments.

I wonder where there memories go
when they die..

Stars are so kind because they just
take everything up there without
any complaints. I wish I was like them,
and tonight, I'll try to be like them and
I want to be like them. Not literally,
not just figuratively speaking.

I want to learn patience, yes I think that's the word.
Acceptance, and learn to share..

(^_^) The stars are so inspiring tonight...