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Color Me Rainbow V1

Feeling : The current mood of nadinecamille at
Listening to: Far & Away (Enya)
Thinking Of: School?
Eating/Drinking: Pandesal (in the evening, wooa!) + Green Tea:D

Wooot. I love my new layout! I am proud to say, that every design here are a piece of my hardwork :D

Today, I was so happy cuz mom and I went to Glorietta and had so much fun!
I didnt shop a lot, but being with my mom is uuber fun!

BTW, she has a blog too (the one she had before). I'll link her later as I have to transfer some
files to my mobile phone now. Plus it's midnight already.

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures in my deviantart account. I'm kinda returnin my photography

Off for now :)

~version 1 of my Blog, cuz it's my first layout - which i really done myself :)