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Expect the unexpected.

Okay, so now I'm breaking my 5posts/month rule to myself because I can't help but blabber everything what's in my head here. It's kinda avoidable.

Anyway, I had my post title like that 'cuz during before our Filipino class,
i rushed a looong assignment. I wasn't there last meeting so i was dumbfounded.
Well, it wasn't that hard cuz all i had to do was write down 25 questions and their
answers. But the thing is, we're going to have an effin graded recitation. O_o

So there i was, chilling to death because i really don't like
reciting in class, never did i like it. i've reviewed a bit but i have this
kind of manner that, when i'm called to recite my mind just flies to
the air like a lost soul. i was scared at the moment our prof came in.

he started giving a "sample" recitation after he called my classmate Kevin.
But oh joy, like me, my classmates just hate the stand up and recite thing.

we were to have 100 points. and if we get a mistake, we subtract 5 points to
that. but i'm thankful our prof. agreed it to be like a written quiz. we then got
a paper each to answers. it was looong, we had to answer 15 questions.
it so happens that the paper i got seems to ask so much. 5 items for #, essays.
darn. and so i was uuuber nervous. then the moment of truth came.

I even felt smaller as i heard my boyfriend's score, "Christian, 13 equivalent
to 93 %". "Oh my, i wish i'd atleast pass. " i said to myself. it'd be humiliating more
knowing that he got a high grade. then, it finally got to
Kevin who had my test recitation whatever they call it.

"Nadine, 14, 96%" he shouted.
*shout of super happiness*
i can't believe i had such grade despite my
breathe-taking moment.

It was a great achievement. You see, i only liked
Filipino when I was in 4th year because I had to
because our adviser back then was our Fil teacher,
plus she's my bestfriend mom. Overall, i curse
it to death. God is so magical. That grade
kind of saves me because i have poor grades when its
my quizzes we're going to talk about!

It inspired me to try to enjoy Filipino too :)
just like when i finally discovered the joy of learning Math.
(wow, this doesn't seem to be me!)

- - -

I hope i get a smart sim card soon.
I'm dying too, cuz i hate globe right now.
really, i'm so pissed off. the 2nd time around,
i registered at 9 pm and i got their effin
confirmation at 6am. imagine the time gap?
while my boyfriend registered with a second!
all the customer service ever say is "Sorry for the inconvenience"
and blablabla. But i don't really blame them. it's the globe
technical who's really responsible. I even called at 1 am. imagine that,
calling to get nothing.

- - -

i will be making so much changes here when i
get free time (i hope i do :] )

i wanna layout this using my own images
i mean, the ones i really make.

that way, not anyone can really copy me.
being unique is the best of all :D

i just need time, as i am very busy with my social
life. and uhm, house chores.

i'm not minding the money-online thingy as for now,
cuz if its not for me, i won't push it. besiiides, i get enough money
from my everyday allowance. we even eat at jollibee all the time.
YUMYUMYUM. thank God for my loving parents and my
boyfriend who keeps my life light:)

as of now i joined blog listings, and maybe that would
help me get hits. cuz i wannna b eee faaamous. haha :D
(who doesn't?) some people just bypass those who
really needs to be noticed. i need to be noticed. haha
*desperate pose*

but right now, i pray, that one of my miseries
would end. it's a "thing" so uuuber confidential at
the moment. i hope we get through it..
please pray for us.

so there :]

centered everythaaang.