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Google Adsense

O mi gash.
I was suprised to find out
that Google Adsense approved my request.
Good thing my plurk friends told me
gmail was better than ymail!

But im not hoping that much of money
yet, or ever as of the moment.

shocking. well anyway, as you may all notice,
i signed up for another account in gmail
cuz i didnt like my old one. i'll just change some
settings here to set it as a admin too.

it makes me so inspired to change my layout!
but then, im too effin lazy. haha.

i too, am happy that i was able to fix my
boyfriend's cellphone, if i didn't we'd have
to pay 600 php to get fixed, imagine that!
the technician he even asked was a big
money digger, he had to pay 20 bucks just
to find out what was wrong, i should've just
reformatted it myself earlier.

also, i'm watching love or bread which
stars ISWAK stars Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin
as lovers once again. hmm. coolness. :D

anyways, this will be my post for now.

also, please drop by my boyfriend's blog.
he's so adoooorable. ->LINK.LINK.LINK!