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Second day of 2009..

Hmm. Today is pretty much described of a whole day laziness.
Just in front of my laptop, doin stuff with my blog and plurk.

Well anyway, truth is, i am sad.
Cuz in my heart, there's this pain.

Tomorrow evening, dad will go back to
Thailand. I know, it's not like
I'll never see him again, but come on,
who wouldn't be sad at such moments.

Like I said, I used to hate dad being around
but maybe, because we missed him it feels
like i want him to be always with us.

I'm hoping someday that we'll be
all together at home once again.
I hope that nothing bad won't
happen to him and always home
for God to be always with him.

I know, it's sad. But I am happy
that he was here for Christmas and
New Year. More happy, because I have
a dad like him. I wouldn't wish for another
dad even if God told me too. Cuz there's only
one dad, and that's him. Even though there
maybe arguments and such.

So, if you are someone who get to
see your dad everyday, what i mean
is that you get to be with him at home
all the time (like i used to)
I'd advise you tell your dad and hug
him. Cuz even if he won't be going
away to a far place, you wouldn't know
when he'll be gone. Or anyone else you should
cherish - be it your sibling, mom or significant other.

Time is short indeed, even though it's like
an endless tale. If ever your parents scold at you
for your mistakes, just think of it. They're only doing
cuz they want to correct your wrong doings.
Parents ALWAYS want what's best for their
children you know. Such a cliche, but the thing
is true. Cuz they love you so much and
just wants you to be happy.

- - -
I wanted to post earlier but I was
out of thoughts so I enhanced my layout
instead and added some stuff.

BTW, I'd like to thank adminLight, a friend of mine
of plurk for featuring my blog at Ezine Max . This guy
is so good at writing. I admire his talent.

- - -
School will be back at Jan. 5 and I can't wait I am
so lazy to do school stuff as of now. Hahahaha.
Maybe I'll get into it later. As of now, I want to
take a rest because once school starts, i won't be
able to do this kind of things. And I want to think
of things. Like now, that my dad will be at
Thailand again...